Two new old tools – Mindmup and Tricider

Here’s two free online tools which do something you’d usually have to pay for. They’re not new, but they’re new to me.:

Brainstorming/mindmapping/cloud thinking

mindmupWhatever you call it, there’s often the need to get a load of ideas or thoughts out of your head and onto paper (or screen). is a free web tool and app which lets you easily spill your thoughts onto the screen, and then save them onto google drive to view and edit later. Don’t let the cartoon-like logo put you off.

There is a paid option to you mindmup’s own online storage, but the free version give you a free reign over the features and functions.

Voting/collaborating/options analysis

triciderIf you want to make a list of ideas, and let people contribute to them, and also vote for their favourites, then give a go. It’s nothing to do with tricycles or cider, but is an excellent free ideas and voting service.

Post a question, share a private link and let people contribute and vote on the responses. You can also add pros and cons against each response to help influence others votes.

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