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  • Breaking into User Research

    Breaking into User Research

    Most people in a user research role didn’t start their career there. If someone is thinking of switching from a marketing and/or communications background, then this post is for you they likely have a good grasp of handling sensitive information (knowing what to include/share and what not to) and picking the right angle (what information…

  • The best design is invisable

    The best design is invisable

    When something has been designed exceptionally well, you shouldn’t notice “the design”. You should be using a service which just works, not fighting to understand what the process is or guessing what you’re meant to do next. So here’s a video about the recently released film Mad Max – Fury Road. The connection might not be obvious,…

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    Government digital services as a platform. Yes please.

    Yes to all of this: [youtube][/youtube] And this needs to be just the start for the public sector.

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    Use Facebook advertising to need facebook advertising

    If you’ve been tempted by Facebook advertising to boost the views of your content, think again. [youtube][/youtube] While the views of your boosted content are certain to increase, your other content has been proven to suffer. This video is from earlier this year, but the issues have actually been around a for few years now,…

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    You care, but do you care enough to do something about it?

    A small London based charity The Pilion Trust have released a fundraising advert based on a social experiment testing the public’s opinion of poor people (contains swearing). [youtube][/youtube] Like many campaigns which aim to solicit a reaction, this presents and extreme view and proposes that it’s all very well in saying something is wrong, but…

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    The advert for every company and no company

    This stock video advertises why you shouldn’t use stock video [youtube][/youtube] “Stock footage brand Dissolve puts its product to good use to call out lazy marketers peddling empty ideas.” Thanks to @MaryWbn for the link  

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    The airline safety video gets a double espresso.

    Even if you have never been on a flight, I expect you know how the usual safety briefing and video goes. In an effort to actually attract flyers attention, Virgin America have given the concept a cold shower and slap round the face… [youtube][/youtube] From

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    London band Vigilante Brass cover’s Muse’s Knights of Cydonia

    Describing themselves as a “brass ensemble with a raucous blend of rock, pop and drum n’bass tunes”, London based Vigilante Brass have posted one of their recent creations on YouTube: [youtube][/youtube] Found on

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    The pen is mightier in the phone

    Do more people carry mobile phones than a pen? Do you need to carry both? Worry no more with the JackPen [youtube][/youtube] From

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    Advertising an illusion

    A new advert for Honda exploits many classic visual optical illusions very effectively. [youtube][/youtube] From