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You’re new, but the product isn’t.

UX collective published an article on effective habits for product managers. But it’s actually a checklist of activities for product managers to undertake when they start working with an established product.

Of the ten “habits” there’s three common themes – do your research, get your hands dirty in the product and talk to people.

Do your research

Study the precedents that have been set. Learn how product requirement documents (PRDs) have been written. Study how problem statements are crafted and the level of detail you should expect to have in product requirement documents. Understand the processes and governance of the organisation

Get your hands dirty

Use the product as much as you can in your first 30 days. Try to become an expert on the product. Go through the whole end-to-end flow and understand the user journey. You can start to pick up on what works well, what does not work well, and start gaining empathy for your customers.

Talk to people

Meet With Your Stakeholders; Learn about their goals, Learn about who they are and find common ground, and understand the specific goals of your designers, engineers, and business teams.

Read the full peice at https://uxdesign.cc/10-powerful-habits-for-product-managers-your-first-30-days-and-beyond-5738eed5a1a3





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