Three graphics showing the route throug a maze, around a maze, and avoiding the maze completely.

Order without authority

Charles Lambdin writes about the science of agile, using Jonathan Rauch’s book “Kindly Inquisitors” as a guide of the history of philosophy, politics, and science of agile’s evolutionary mindset:

The thread running through all of this is the deemphasis of central planning and privileged positions, of pretending we can know the future or declare immutable truths, and replacing it with a humbler, more skeptical, and social approach focused on systems and not personalities.

Sound familiar? How about:

No idea gets special privilege because of who had it. No one’s work is above being checked or improved by others. Instead, increase the diversity of ideas and then let the system improve them. Throw all claims into the fire of public empirical scrutiny. Observe which turn to ash and which are forged and fortified.

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