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  • You’re new, but the product isn’t.

    You’re new, but the product isn’t.

    UX collective published an article on effective habits for product managers. But it’s actually a checklist of activities for product managers to undertake when they start working with an established product. Of the ten “habits” there’s three common themes – do your research, get your hands dirty in the product and talk to people. Do…

  • Poles apart

    Poles apart

    I’ve just read Poles Apart: Why People Turn Against Each Other, and How to Bring Them Together after having it recommended by an old colleague. It is well researched, insightful and accessibly written. It has earned many highlights on my Kindle and I recommend you read it yourself. Here are some of the quotes that…

  • Researching remotely

    Researching remotely

    Sophie Drouet has written about her experience in conducting user research remotely, talking from her experience in Action for Research‘s digital service team. When I start a project, I want to: Know what research is already out there Find statistics, user research and projects that I can learn from Make sure I’m not duplicating stuff…

  • User centred design, the GDS way.

    User centred design, the GDS way.

    I was recently in Brighton where the city council hosted a Government Digital Service session on user centered design. Here are things I found most interesting.

  • (Very) Honest webdesign feedback.

    (Very) Honest webdesign feedback.

    How can you get really honest feedback about your website or digital project? Richard Littauer realised that when he gets drunk, he gets very honest, and it turns out people are willing to pay for his honest appraisals of their work. So he set up The User Is Drunk. In fact, so many people have been willing…

  • Accepting the risk of failure doesn’t excuse a lack of preparation

    Erika Hall has written an opinion piece for Wired challenging the acceptance of failure in modern business, particularly in new start-ups. That kind of thinking might be fine for entrepreneurs focusing only on their personal risk and fear of failure, but it has real financial, cultural, and opportunity costs for businesses Research is not about…