If you are the product social media sells, how can you cut out the middle man?

DatacoupFor years people have been trying to educate users of social media sites such as Facebook and twitter with articles such as “Facebook: You’re Not the Customer, You’re the Product” (Time.com, Oct 2010), “You are Facebook’s product, not customer” (Wired.com. Sept 2011) and “If You’re Not Paying For It, You Become The Product” (Forbes, May 2012). That’s nothing new.

What is new is Datacoup, an online service which describes itself as the “First personal data marketplace”. Datacoup cuts out the social media middle man and lets you sell your information directly to advertisers. You can chose what information you want to sell (basic demographic information, social feeds etc.) and what companies you want to sell to, and Datacoup makes it anonymously available to advertisers, giving you a monthly cut of the sale.

Found on www.springwise.com

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