Overheard: Unappreciated social

Last week I was at a conference with a large number of national and international businesses.

Following some breakout sessions I was standing behind three delegates from Phones for you in the lunch queue. It appeared they had been to a session about Social Media and were rather unimpressed with what they heard.

Delegate one: What a waste of time
Delegate two: I know. Just cancel the millions in our social media budget and give it to sales to get some proper business
Delegate three: As if people really use social networks to talk about what companies they like!

It’s a shame, as Phones4u’s twitter account is pretty busy and deals with a lot of customer questions.

Some companies still have a long way to go to show the benefits an active social media team can have to the rest of the organisation. And some people need to understand how social media works, it’s open to anyone…

++ Update ++

I’ve had a quick chat on twitter with @phones4u about this post, and pleased it was taken in the spirit it was intended:



You can read the full conversation at https://twitter.com/tomsteel/status/278118427179237376

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