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  • Apps that are good for your health – the NHS app library

    Apps that are good for your health – the NHS app library

    I was signposted to the NHS App Library today by @danslee via @healthybrum. It’s been around for 18 months and is a safe and trusted collection of apps to help you manage your health. Each app is reviewed to make sure that: “they are relevant to people living in England, comply with data protection laws…

  • A guide to getting responsive – a site for all sizes

    A guide to getting responsive – a site for all sizes

    I’ve been spending some time recently researching the evolving world of responsive design and want to collect here some of the information, guides and tools in one place. For starters, here’s a general overview of responsive design including tips and examples: Responsive Web Layouts For Mobile Screens: Intro, Tips And Examples – www.hongkiat.com/blog/responsive-for-mobile-screens/ Now for some more technical articles which…

  • Mobile web: Design it fast and for thumbs

    Mobile web: Design it fast and for thumbs

    I used to be impatient, but now I just don’t have the time Google have released some new guidance on designing fast mobile websites, which can load a page on a mobile within a second.  The one second rule come from research by the Nielsen Norman Group that 1 second is: “about the limit for the…

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    Android apps open up to web search

    One of the main reasons I rarely recommend a mobile app for a council service is that any information contained within the app is only available within the app – it can’t be found by google or other search engines. But that’s changing, with apps built for android 4.4 including app indexing which will allow…

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    The pen is mightier in the phone

    Do more people carry mobile phones than a pen? Do you need to carry both? Worry no more with the JackPen [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nTgJcIFH4s[/youtube] From www.etre.com/blog/2013/10/jackpen/

  • There’s no such thing as future-proof

    There’s no such thing as future-proof

    Brad Frost is a web designer from Pittsburgh who recently spoke at web design dayon the topic “For a Future-Friendly Web“. His presentation is below, and his blog covers the detail and also has a video. Some highlights are: There’s no such thing as future-proof, but we can take steps to be more future-friendly. Content…

  • Stewart Lee “on not writing”

    “Stewart discusses the fantasy that stand-up comedy is spontaneous rather than written, and describes the evolution of stand-up over the last few decades. His talk takes in a wide range of subjects from the first app he ever came across to a discussion of the value of culture in society.” From russelldavies.typepad.com/planning/2013/08/on-not-writing.html [youtube]http://youtu.be/IrXVaytvJtQ[/youtube]

  • Overheard: Unappreciated social

    Last week I was at a conference with a large number of national and international businesses. Following some breakout sessions I was standing behind three delegates from Phones for you in the lunch queue. It appeared they had been to a session about Social Media and were rather unimpressed with what they heard. Delegate one:…

  • 10 iPhone apps for a UK holiday

    On a recent trip to the Lake District and Yorkshire I used a couple of iphone apps which I thought I’d share. For taking photos and video Camera+ – £0.59 What makes this worth the 59p is the ability to specify the point to focus on and a separate exposure point, gives you excellent control. There is…