Don’t just ‘do’ customer services on twitter, do it quickly.

“Do it” David Starsky

Customers expect to be served by social media, and they expect that service to come quickly, according to research by Lithium Technologies.

Fifty-three percent of consumers who expect a brand to respond to their Tweet want that response in less than an hour. When those consumers are tweeting complaints, that figure skyrockets to a whopping 72 percent.

The upside to this is that brands that do make effective and timely use of their Twitter accounts to respond to consumers can reap some serious benefits:

  • 34 percent are likely to buy more from that company
  • 43 percent are likely to encourage friends and family to buy their products
  • 38 percent are more receptive to their advertisements
  • 42 percent are willing to praise or recommend the brand through social media

From, found by @comms2point0

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