This blog is five years old.

Published on: Oct 25 2011 by Tom

I started blogging on 25 october 2006, with a stupid video of a hamster.

Since that day I have moved home 4 times, changed jobs 4 times,  got engaged, got married, brought a flat,  then a cat, then a house in Sussex

I’ve travelled to Switzerland,  Italy,  France,  Belgium, and Brazil.

I’ve seen friends and family marry in Siena, Mull, and Brasil. I’ve got a nephew and a niece and been made a godfather

I’ve seen  Orient get promoted, make £1,000,000 in in the FA Cup, and loose 0-5 on my birthday.

And barely blogged any of those things.

Instead these are the posts which have got the most attention over the years:


  1. 25 NOV Uber Party
  2. 16 JUL Photos from RIAT
  3. 06 AUG J and K Wedding



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