Positive and negative Google Plus hyperboyle, it’s all the same.

These opinion pieces are everywhere.

Why Google+ Pages Isn’t Good for Business
4 Reasons Google+ Brand Pages Will Be Better Than Facebook’s
Google Plus Finds Sweet Spot Between Facebook & Twitter
Google Engineer Calls Google Plus a ‘Complete Failure’; 5 Reasons We Agree
Why It is Wrong to Call Google Plus a Failure

Google Plus may be “not ready” for business, but it isn’t “not good for business”. It’s a beta product, the future is far from clear.

It would be foolish to right off the provider of the biggest search engine, video sharing and blogging platform. But equally daft to claim you must join in now or you’ll miss out.

Articles which launch with attention grabbing headlines like “Why Google+ Pages Isn’t Good for Business” are just as bad as the confusing rhetoric they criticise other of.

All any of these pieces needs to say is “Google Plus is interesting, but it’s not there yet, watch this space”

The last two articles linked to at the top of this peice are from the same website, so at least there’s some other balance out there.

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