How tech giants deal with dissent.

A few weeks ago I saw this peice on The Register about an Apple employee who was fired as a result of privately making derogatory comments about Apple’s brand and products on his Facebook wall. His undoing was that not all his “friends” were friends, and one printed off the comments and showed them to his boss.

Story from The Register: Apple was OK to fire man for private Facebook comments

Then today I came across a very similar story but with quite a different ending. A Google engineer posted a rant about all the problems he saw with Google plus but instead of posting it privately he accidentally made it public. He wasn’t fired, he even says Google said it was his decision to delete it or not (he did, and posted this response, which some could question if it was written for him).

Story from Forbes: Whoops. Google Engineer Accidentally Makes His ‘Plus Sucks’ Rant Public.

Either way, I know which company I’d prefer to work for.

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