Bag of assumptions

Bag-of-assumptionsRussell Davies has written a good piece this week about his change from working in agencies and marketing departments to working at the Government Digital Service.

Some choice quotes:

“it’s been surprising to me how much ‘marketing thinking’ has come to dominate the way large organisations look at the world. It’s sad. That bag of assumptions – brand, audiences, messages etc – has become corporate orthodoxy just as the point it becomes least useful.”


“That’s why, when I got to GDS I found the obsession with user needs so refreshing and helpful – not just users, but user needs. That’s a big important distinction. One that sometimes gets lost in a warm bath of user-centricness.”


“If your primary focus is on user needs then your task is simple – work out the specific thing people are trying to do and then make it as simple and quick for them as possible.”


“more organisations realise that the key to long-lasting, commercially pleasant relationships is great digital service delivery – not message delivery”

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