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  • The power of context in UX

    The power of context in UX

    uxplanet.org has a tidy summary of 7 principles which can be applied to digital service design to influence people’s behavoir.

  • Don’t just show your audience the highlights; put them in the story.

    Red Bull is not a typical company. Most people think it’s a company which makes an energy drink and sponsors lots of adventure sports, and they’re half right. What Red Bull excel at is marketing. They don’t sponsor lots of sports, they own lots of sports. They don’t sponsor an F1 team, they own an F1…

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    The advert for every company and no company

    This stock video advertises why you shouldn’t use stock video [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YBtspm8j8M[/youtube] “Stock footage brand Dissolve puts its product to good use to call out lazy marketers peddling empty ideas.” Thanks to @MaryWbn for the link www.fastcocreate.com/3028162/this-generic-brand-ad-is-the-greatest-thing-about-the-absolute-worst-in-advertising  

  • Bag of assumptions

    Russell Davies has written a good piece this week about his change from working in agencies and marketing departments to working at the Government Digital Service. Some choice quotes: “it’s been surprising to me how much ‘marketing thinking’ has come to dominate the way large organisations look at the world. It’s sad. That bag of assumptions…

  • Making Things People Want beats Making People Want Things

    John V Willshire the founder of Smithery has written a setup piece for his talk next week at AdTech 2013 which looks at the relationship between communications and marketing with product and service development. Here’s a few highlights: “Yet something bothered me… …the things that marketing clients had to ask agencies to try and sell…

  • Long copy isnt back

    The Asbury & Asbury blog recently had a great post about some long copy Apple adverts: Asbury & Asbury: Long copy isnt back. “Right now, it feels like more and more people are questioning Apple’s claim to superiority. Maybe this was Apple about to come out and tell a few home truths. Remind us exactly how…

  • Nobody ever waited

    You should simply do it, in whatever form your budget allows you to

  • For once football isn’t a business metaphor, it’s a real life example.

    I’ve just discovered an excellent piece Nick Emmel rote last year about online customer engagement “A lesson in connecting with your customers” which talks about transparency, interaction, communities and trust. It revolves around the near death of Crystal Palace Football Club last year, and how the new owners are engaging with the fans through online…