For once football isn’t a business metaphor, it’s a real life example.

I’ve just discovered an excellent piece Nick Emmel rote last year about online customer engagement “A lesson in connecting with your customers” which talks about transparency, interaction, communities and trust. It revolves around the near death of Crystal Palace Football Club last year, and how the new owners are engaging with the fans through online communities. Small efforts can sometimes have very big impacts.

It started as a means for them to deliver statements, but in no time, they did what so many CEO’s of companies fail to do – they started engaging with their customers. They were transparent in the progress of the deals (and its sticking points) empowering the fans to get up and do something about it.

They made us, the fans, feel like we were part of the rescue. And we bloody well appreciated it.

It’s a good read and a blog worth following, featuring everything from How to teach people CPR to Best online planning tools.

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