Don’t just show your audience the highlights; put them in the story.

Jeff Provenzano and Amy Chmelecki - Lifestyle
Wingsuit skydiver Amy Chmelecki packs up for a jump.

Red Bull is not a typical company. Most people think it’s a company which makes an energy drink and sponsors lots of adventure sports, and they’re half right.

What Red Bull excel at is marketing. They don’t sponsor lots of sports, they own lots of sports. They don’t sponsor an F1 team, they own an F1 team. They don’t sponsor a football club, they own a football club.

Then they market those sports exceptionally well. have a piece on “5 Things You Can Learn From Red Bull’s Visual Content Strategy” which extend a little beyond just visual content. Number four on the list is “Behind-The-Scenes Looks” – an area which most companies and organisations are not brave enough to explore, but can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Real people connect with real people, and just as xfactor plays out the background story for each contestant to increase the drama and keep people watching, (“it all comes down to the back stories and whether the audience finds the contestants interesting and therefore wants to invest their time in them.” Simon Cowell, Sept 2011) showing people the human beings behind your organisation can help people connect, understand and relate.

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