Making Things People Want beats Making People Want Things

John V Willshire the founder of Smithery has written a setup piece for his talk next week at AdTech 2013 which looks at the relationship between communications and marketing with product and service development.
Here’s a few highlights:

“Yet something bothered me… …the things that marketing clients had to ask agencies to try and sell often weren’t fit-for-purpose.”

“developing and spreading new strategic mindsets within organisations to product and service design, so that the end result becomes a lot easier to sell profitably.”

“Through the history of marketing, however, you’ll see that in its moments of greatest success, marketers have their hands firmly on the workbench of the business, nudging and steering the company’s output.”

“the principal task of the marketing function … is not so much to be skilful in making the customer do what suits the interests of the business as to be skilled in conceiving and then making the business do what suits the interests of the customer”

“three different types of consumer needs, we can examine this as three different types of wants; existing, latent and incipient.”

Find yourself five minutes to read the whole peice at

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