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Good apps to do good with

If you feel like you’re on your phone too much, put the gadget to good use with these four apps.

Give blood

The NHS Give Blood app lets you track your donor history and see where and when you can donate next. iOS | Android

Be focused

Be good to yourself with the Forest app to help focus the mind. Set a time you’d to focus for, and Forest will grow a plant in that time. If you let your phone distract you and close/switch the app, your plant will die. iOS | Android

Cure cancer

Put the power of your pocket supercomputer to good use while it charges with Dream Lab. The app runs computations on your phone while it charges, helping process cancer and genomics research. iOS | Android

Raise money

If you’re out and about, use your phone to build up donations for a good cause with Charity Miles. Select a cause (most are american but there are some UK choices) and start the app when you’re going on the move. Your phone’s pedometer will keep track and one of the apps partners will make a donation to your cause based on the miles you cover. iOS | Android

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