Telling people’s stories by letting them tell it themselves.

So much of work within a communications team is about telling a story – using it to show or reinforce a connection between a person and and someone or something else.

This is easier than it’s ever been in today’s digital world, and one of the key advances of the web has been its ability to empower people to tell their own stories, instead of relying on publishing authorities to do it for them (one of my favorite examples of this is Martha Payne’s “Never seconds” blog:

But sometimes digital just isn’t the right or appropriate channel. The Cafe Art 2016 My London calendar is a collection of photographs by homeless people, who were given free disposable cameras to use around London to show their artistic talent and express themselves and their view of the city.

This had to be an offline project with low value self contained film cameras which only required the manual winding to the next frame to work. 100 cameras were given away, 80 returned and 12 photos selected for the calendar. Here are my four favorites:

There was one digital aspect, the funding for the project was crowdsourced on kickstarter.

Find out more at I found out about this project from, who picked it up from

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