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The value in what’s free or hidden

I’ve spent my career in the charity and public sector, where services are often offered to those in need for free at the point of delivery. This can present an unappreciated problem – if something is free,  how accurately is it valued?

Over recent weeks I’ve read a few articles which have looked at issues where the perception of value or a service can be quite different from the reality -if something can be accomplished quickly, does that mean it is a simple task? Or if a product feels impressive, does that improve its quality?

How To Make a Million Dollars in Photography

Doing work for free is just as likely to disqualify you for future jobs as it is likely to qualify you for them. And, ironically, charging too little is often just an encouragement for people to think that you charge too much.

Read the full peice at theonlinephotographer.typepad.com

Let Your Users Wait

One could find differing opinions in the Twitter discussion, including the claim that making the user wait (even artificially) might actually make the user experience better.

Read the full discussion at uxmag.com/articles/let-your-users-wait

How Beats Tricks You Into Thinking It Makes a Premium Product

In these headphones, 30% of the weight comes from four tiny metal parts that are there for the sole purpose of adding weight.

Read the full article at gizmodo.com

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