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Do long hours get the best or better of you?


Jason James at We Are Mamoth writes about the culture of working long hours, and what those 45 hour weeks really mean. His first point goes straight to the money:

If you’re salaried, you’re working for free. After 40 hours a week, every hour you work adds $0 additional dollars into your pocket.

But I think it’s better (or worse) to look at it this way – you’re still getting paid for your hours, but £500 a week for your contracted 35 hours values your time at £14.30 an hour, but a 45 hour week values you at only £11.10 an hour.

He makes many other points, read more at “What Long Hours Really Mean

From wearemammoth.com/2013/11/long-hours found by Jim Ramsden

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