This consumer will not be a product.

A few attention grabbing quotes from Mr  Eben Moglen.Ebden Moglen

Anonymity is not profitable

“In the 21st century that means they are committed against anonymity no matter what they think they are doing because anonymity is not profitable”

Facebook is a private intelligence service

“What is wrong with Mr. Zuckerberg is not that he runs a private intelligence service that will give you free everything as long as they are allowed to watch. What’s wrong with Mr. Zuckerberg is that he pretends that he is renting you a private hotel room and he’s got a peephole”

A million dollars behind

“Thinking about this as bilateral bargaining, they’re a million dollars behind on what it would cost to sit on my shoulder while I surf for the rest of my life. “

From “The Man Who Would Not Use Facebook For Anything Less Than A Million Dollars” at

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