Charity impact reporting. All online and interactive.

RNID Impact Report site Yes, posts have been pretty scarce recently, and like 90% of bloggers this is not intended and I plan to get back on the blogging roll as soon as possible. Honest. Really.

But my writing hasn’t just faded for no worthwhile reason, I have just been working on a new site which launched this week: the RNID Impact Report – I’m very pleased with the site, it gives RNID a good voice to show the work it does with real people telling their own stories. Take a few minutes to look around the site and watch some of the videos.

A friend of mine who also works in web has launched a similarly themed site for The British Heart Foundation – It’s a very different site but I like the way the content flows from one area to another, whilst showing clearly what you’ve already seen and what you can look at next. Very nice.

My writing should pick up speed again soon, there’s a great story about a Bulk Film Loader which I want to share as well as a great new do-it-yourself B&B site which I hope will catch on. Check back here soon…

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