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Foo FightersOh, now this one I really like. I read about a lot of websites offering new services, new takes on an old theme, answers to problems which weren’t really there, and lots of “remember how you used to…”.

This time I have actually come across a really great site. I have been a big fan of Last.FM, I’ve had an account for a while now and use it at work often when I’ve got some code I need sort out and can plug myself into my headphones, shut out the world and get on with it.

But now there’s Grooveshark lite (though I can’t admit to knowing there was a grooveshark heavy). Grooveshark is great. Although the interface is all flash based, it adds something that always bothered me with Last.FM. In grooveshark you aren’t limited to tags and ‘artists like’ – you can search for specific tracks, albums and other peoples playlists. This means why my mate tells me how great the acoustic album “Skin and Bones is, I can search for it, pull up the full track listing and listen to the whole album one song after the other. And if I like it, I can save that as playlist for later so I don’t have to run a search again.

Where this has really come into it’s own is searching for song for the wedding next year. Me and the soon to be Mrs can search for those songs we haven’t heard for years, the dance floor classics and cheesy pop, and build the perfect wedding party playlist. Great 🙂

Thanks to the Mashable blog for bringing this one to my attention!

2 thoughts on “I like the music music

  1. Hey Tom,

    Thanks so much for the kind words! We’re so glad you’ve been digging Grooveshark, as we’re a small bunch, and I’m thrilled you like it.

    And congrats on the engagement! Hopefully you guys will be able to find some perfectly hokey music for the dance floor of the wedding.

    Thanks again, Tom, and let me know if there’s absolutely anything I can do to help out. We <3 you!

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