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Shared Access to David Cameron - A Performance Art project in London, United Kingdom by RevDanCatt
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With the recent pay-per-view Prime Minister scandal and the publicity over Conservative Party “Donor Clubs“, I was interested what a donation to each of the main parties got you.

I did class the Lib Dems as a main party, but they don’t tempt you with what your money buys so aren’t included below.

So here’s what you get:

  • Labour: £5 – Leaflets for two streets
  • Labour: £10 – Window posters for 150 houses
  • Labour: £25 – 250 campaign balloons
  • Conservative: £30 1,000 campaign leaflets
  • Labour: £50 – Leaflets for twenty streets
  • Conservative: £50 200 personalised letters
  • Conservative: £75 200 welcome packs to new home owners
  • Labour: £100 – 2000 text messages
  • Conservative: £365 Telephone canvassing 2000 people
  • Labour: £250 – Phone calls to five streets of voters
  • Labour: £500 – Direct mail to 2000 voters
  • Conservative: £600 – 1500 newsletters. An annual donation also entitles you to join Party Patron’s Donor Club
  • Labour: £1200 – Entitles you to join Thousand Club
These are separate to the Conservatives Donor Clubs and Trade Union membership which support Labour.

For further comparison, here’s what similar amounts of money can buy if given to the Red Cross (other charities in need are also available):

  • £25 could provide ten mosquito nets.
  • £40 could buy rice for one person for over three months.
  • £80 could help twenty people by providing feed for their animals.


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