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Recruiting a team

I’ve been reviewing job descriptions for roles in my team, and some are dreadfully out of date. Thankfully there are a few resources out there which make updating them so much easier than I feared.

LOTI Digital, Tech and Data Job Description Library

The London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) have a library of role profiles and job descriptions that they’re collating which give salaries and personal specifications for a whole range of digital roles. There’s over 100 contributions from members, and recent “exemplar” additions from Greenwich Council are particularly impressive.

View the LOTI digital role profile library in AirTable.

DDAT Profession Capability Framework

The Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework at GOV.UK groups a wide range of digital roles into six families:

  1. Data job family
  2. IT operations job family
  3. Product and delivery job family
  4. Quality assurance testing (QAT) job family
  5. Technical job family
  6. User-centred design job family

Each role family has guidance for up to 10 different positions which are used across the civil service.

View the full list of roles at

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