Person holding a remote control, pointing it at a screen

Good and bad remote working

Stuff I appreciate more

Goldilocks office temperature.

Fortunately the office was always a decent temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. The spare corner of home which has become the office is always cold. Nice in summer, painfully cold in winter.

The commute

The train journey buffer between work and home life and responsibility gave time to reflect, switch off, indulge in a book/podcast/netflix/iplayer. Also the walk to and from the station made sure I got outside twice a day.

Contact with family and friends

Although I’ve hardly seen family and friends, where i would spend small amounts of time seeing people in person, I’ve spent more time chatting online on instant messenger, and have been more connected that way, especially with those who weren’t big users before.

Stuff that’s really shit.

Lack of contact with family and friends

Yeah, I’ve kept in contact well online, but nothing beats a bit of face to face contact. So much can be communicated in person. That really sucks.

Working remotely all_the_time

I *think* I’ve adapted well to remote working, and I hope it continues to a large extent. But I miss people’s faces. Being able to communicate fully and unexpectedly. Seeing more of the spectrum of human activity.

Getting lost in a crowd

This is about everything from being part of a crowd of commuters to a crowd of football fans. The sense of physically being part of something bigger than yourself. A shared experience which you can feel in the air.

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