Why do creative people sometimes steal?

About a year ago my wife and I spotted an independant graphic designer, Kyleigh, who was selling paper cuts through Not on The High Street. We liked her work and got in touch to commission a special piece for my wife’s sister in law’s wedding.

Even though Kyleigh was just about to have a baby, she completed the work in time for the wedding and we were very pleased with what we received – so much so we sent her a photo of the happy couple it was commissioned for and she wrote a nice blog peice about it.

Who would steal someone’s biography?

I’ve since followed Kyleigh on twitter and today read about another paper cut designer who has stolen chuncks of Kyleigh’s personal biography.

The designer by the name Panda Paper has stolen the openning paragraph of Kyleighs biography word for word. I thought I’d post a question on Panda Paper’s facebook page to ask why. The comment was deleted 30 minutes later. So I posted a “review” on the review tab on her facebook page. I was then blocked from the page altogether.

It seems Paper Panda doesn’t want to explain them self, or want anyone to know that although they have great creative skills at producing beautiful work, they can’t write a sentence about who they really are.

I would advice anyone considering buying a paper cut to use a designer who is original and open about their work.

Spread the word!

See screenshots of the two biographies below.

*** UPDATE ***

Panda Paper has been in touch with Kyleigh – the issue is apparently the fault of a student web designer who copied information without Panda Paper’s knowledge.

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