Feeding friends a twitter mixx

This week I’ve been getting to grips with a few web services which I’ve looked at briefly in the past.

First was twitter, which i’m still not sure about, mainly due to the time needed to invest in updating it enough times to make it useful (even though you can do it by phone, email, web etc.) and also because it doesn’t have the big following in the UK as it does in the US. If i can get it to replace Facebook status updates (the fb application was broken when I tried) then I think it may be worth it. Untill then…

Next was Friend Feed, which I’m getting to like quite a lot. The list of services it can follow is impressive and I like it’s simplicity. So far I have it tracking my activity on del.icio.us, digg, flickr, google reader, last fm, linkedin, mixx (I’ll come back to that), twitter and youtube. So far so good and it will probably get used a lot to aggregate research for blog content.

Lastly was Mixx, which has a bit of an overlap with some other services (digg, youtube, del.icio.us). It’s a way of recording and sharing (of course!) URLs, photos and videos you find while browsing the web. I’ll use it mainly for photo and video and it’s great for tracking inspirational images you notice while browsing the web.

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