Second hand sale online

Charities have been running online shops for some time, and beyond the basic sales of fundraising items in recent years they have moved to offering real life solutions (or ethical giving) to their cause – buy a goat for an african village, teach a classroom with a supply of textbooks.

Oxfam logo

Oxfam have expanded their store even further by linking into their highstreet stores and posting second hand items on their site. Instead of browsing through rack of cloths and shelves of book you can now search online for unwanted gems. It’s good to see charities join in the full service experience blending their offline and online services together. Considering the complications of running second hand shops where you never know what might be on the shelves one day from the next I think this is an especially impressive move forward from Oxfam.

And I notice Oxfam use twitter in their media centre. Good to see these services getting picked up more and more.

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