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I’m almost two years late to an article written by Sam Conniff, but it’s no less relevant and interesting now as it was when written.

Sam mentors young people through Livity, and writes about how some of their experiences behind bars has benefited them in Lockdown, and how we all have something to learn from incarceration to help us through restrictions the whole country faces. Sam asked them two questions:

  1. What could they teach newcomers grappling with domestic incarceration?
  2. How did they prepare for a positive post-prison life?

you need to have two heads at once. A long-term plan, for focus and strength, but so events don’t crush you, it needs to be a plan you can unfold day by day.”

The insights are very personal, and you can feel the amount of thought and reflection behind them:

What’s the fear you felt? What’s scared you during this, what have you realised you’ve got to lose? Connect to fear and you’ve got more chance of holding onto the dream.

Take time to read the whole article at which was found thanks to a colleague directing me to Hilary Cottam’s tweet.

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