Top ten places to wonder around in London

I often read lists of top ten things to do, books to read, films to see. A London focused list of Top Ten Summer Outings on TheOldWorld made me think that my most reliable favorite outing is walking around the city with my camera and photographing whatever takes my interest.

So here’s my Ten places to wonder about, taking photos. I couldn’t put them in an order.

– The City – It may be my favourite but I don’t go there often enough. I love the mix of old and new.

– Borough Market/London Bridge – The market is great for photos of people and the stalls. So much is on sale here by such a mix of people you can wonder around for hours.

– Southbank/Bankside – The Thames is one of the thing I love most about London, and apart from the parks one of the few places where there’s open space. There’s a great mix of architecture along bankside and it offers some great views of the city, St Pau’ls Cathedral and other landmarks.

– Embankment – Opposite Southbank, again there’s some great views east towards the City and west to Parliament, as well as the Millennium Wheel.

– Shoreditch – A great place for graffiti and posters, run down buildings and trendy bars. You can walk around the streets many times but something different will always catch your eye.

– Farringdon/Clerkenwell – Along with Shoreditch this is creative central with media and design firms around every corner. Some great architecture too such as Farringdon Viaduct and Smithfields Market.

– Covent Garden – Great for people watching. The performers and entertainers as well as the crowds of tourists watching them. You need to keep an eye on your gear though, pickpockets are everywhere in the west end.

– Trafalgar Square – Another great place for people watching. The buildings on the boundaries are all superb and with the mix of statues and the tourists there’s always a good shot to be had.

– Southwark – Particularly around the railway arches running into London Bridge. Some great little lanes, archways and old buildings with faded signs

– Waltham Forest – My part of London. So much going on – Walthamstow Market, Walthamstow Village, Leytonstone’s Hollow Ponds and the edge of Epping Forest – Something for everyone.

It’s such a big city though this is just areas I know, feel free to add your in the comments. Where should I go next time I fancy somewhere new?

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