2007 Gumball Rally


“Get ready for the start of the 2007 Gumball rally this Sunday 29th April at Pall Mall, London. There are a number of exciting cars that will on display from 11am, including three Bugatti Veyron’s, McLaren Mercedes SLR’s, Porsche Carrera GT, Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo, Maserati Quattroporte as well as fans favourite Turkish Taxi, a Buick Hot Rod, the A-Team and a VW Golf R32 with “Herbie” wrap and many many more… The cars are to set off at 4pm with the last car set to leave at 6pm, so get down early to get the best view of these amazing cars.”

More at: blog.myspace.com/officialgumball3000 | www.myspace.com/officialgumball3000 | www.alk.com/gumball/ | www.gumball3000blog.com/

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