How far can you take TV merchandising?

Following from my earlier post about a bloody bathmat, while I was looking for Dexter links I found the official “Showtime” website, the American network which premiers Dexter.

You can buy merchandise for their TV shows, and I was intrigued by what merchandise they sold for a TV programme about a blood splatter analysis serial killer.

It turns out they sell at lot.

As well as the usual t-shirts and mugs, they sell replica props (in the “Kill room” section of the store), so you can buy your own Dexter body disposal bags and heavy duty vinyl wipe clean apron. There is also a “kill uniform” top, and action figures complete with murder weapons and body bag. The current best seller is the “Dexter Kill Outfit Bobblehead

That’s a bit to weird for my liking. I like the show (even if it is getting even more far fetched than usual in series 5) but action figures seem to take it a bit far.

You can see the full product range (including normal items such as series box-sets and sountracks at the showtime store



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