Open air icecream

Open air ice cream loungeHaagen-Dazs have set up an open air ice ream parlor by Liverpool street tube in Broadgate circle, where the ice rink is during the winter. They’ve laid down some astroturf, put up an airy marque and laid out a few dozen cushions and a few sun loungers.

Considering the decent weather we’re having the place wasn’t packed, but I didn’t get close enough to see how much a shotglass equivalent of ice cream cost, which could have been another decider.

There is often something happening around this part of liverpool street, and even though I expect it to be hugely overpriced it was a welcome sight and encouraged people to take a break from their busy lives, lay down on a large cushion and enjoy some ice cream. And that can’t be a bad thing really can it.

It was still there this morning so head along if you’re in the area and the weather holds up!

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