Photography in Public Places

The UK Government is about to propose restrictions on photography in public places which could make street photography and documentary photography against the law. These proposed changes to the law could result in photographers having to apply for ID cards in order to take pictures in a public places.

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  1. mleyba Avatar

    That is very interesting. I would not like that as a photographer. I wonder what the reason for doing this would be. Can you research laws like this to find out more? What would be the penalty of taking a photograph without the card? What about a tourist from another country? Who would enforce it? Police? Is it certain things in public? PowerPlants, Military Bases, Airports? I know when I used to live in England there were a lot of airplane spotters outside my base at RAF Mildenhall. They were there quite a few of them that would be quite upset if their rights were infringed upon like that.


    Michael Leyba
    Portraits by Michael

  2. Gary Bagshawe Avatar

    Im a freelance photojournalist and was taking photographs at the x factor auditions in Sheffield today, a crew member told me that I was not allowed to take ANY photographs. So I was stood outside the city hall along with a few hundred other people in a public place taking photographs of members of the general public. She even asked me to put my camera away. When I stopped laughing (to which she was not amused) I carried on anyway. Im assuming that I am legally allowed to do this as the persons in the photograph are probably expecting to get some publicity out of it.

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