If I blogged, it might look like this.

The demise of Twitter for digital people in the sector I work in has led to a mini resurgence of blogging (or publishing weeknotes if that structure works better for you), and using RSS feeds as method of collating and consuming content (Steve Messer offers a great pace to start).

I’m currently trying out the RSS reader Feeder.co as it has a web client and app, and it kinda makes it easy to subscribe and identify feeds from sites using a browser extension.

Amongst these feeds I found this post from Luke Mitchell which linked to this post from Christopher Butler, and which articulated my own thinking around my own drive/apathy/cause/value of blogging.

Christopher’s thoughts on sharing, and engaging online are really close to my own feelings. Doing this type of stuff is definitely an activity or a task for me, especially when it’s work related. I also feel like I need to break down this type of task into something, small, repeatable

What will you blog? Make it better than this.






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