Tag: light

  • Horse book egg

    Three things for the home I’ve found on the web recently: a horse head squirrel feeder for the garden, a table book lamp for the living room and a knight boiled egg holder for the kitchen  Found from www.swiss-miss.com and www.coolshityoucanbuy.com

  • Peel wall lamp

    This wall lamp fixes to the corner of a wall and gives the impression of light shinning through from behind wallpaper.

  • Cool things offline: Snowboarders, tables, tiles, hoovers, mugs, shelves and fairgrounds

    Here’s some stuff from around the web I’ve found this week which I think arepretty cool.

  • Interior design by light.

    I’m a big fan of light projections that alter the appearance of what they’re projected onto, and this video from Mr Beam is a great example of redecorating a room with light. [vimeo width=”400″ height=”225″]http://vimeo.com/18460233[/vimeo] Two projectors were used on a white room to completely transform the appearance. Thanks to www.mr-beam.nl/project/1 and www.etre.com/blog/2011/02/living_room/at the Etre Blog…